About the Internet Advocacy Center

Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director

Alan Rosenblatt, a long time veteran in the field of Internet Politics, leads IAC. From 1995 to 2000, Dr. Rosenblatt created and taught one of the first university courses ever in the field of Internet Politics at George Mason University. In 2000, he helped to pioneer Internet media coverage of the presidential nominating conventions with Media Bureau Networks. From 2001 to 2003 he created and managed the first consulting practice devoted to Internet strategy for state and local issue advocacy at Stateside Associates. From 2003 to 2005 he was Director of Training Programs at e-advocates, one of the first Internet advocacy consulting firms in the nation. He has published many articles and is a frequent lecturer on Internet politics. As the Executive Director of the Internet Advocacy Center, he brings more than fifteen years of experience in the field of digital politics.

Dr. Rosenblatt currently serves as Associate Director of Online Advocacy for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a member of the Board of Directors for e-Democracy.org, a contributor to the blog TechPresident.com, a contributing editor to Politics Online, a member of the Tools-Peer-Review Subcommittee at the New Organizing Institute, a member of the steering committee for the Progressive Communicators of DC (PCDC), a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Information Technology and Politics, a member of the Advisory Board for DemocraticGAIN, and Washington Bureau Chief for Media Bureau Networks.

Strategic Partners


Press conferences, brochures, advertising . . . these are tactics, not an end in themselves. And although Turner Strategies does all this and more, it is truly adept at developing communications strategies that get things done while respecting your organization's goals, abilities and resources. Turner Strategies has hard numbers to back up its services: over 40 pieces of legislation passed, organizational funding increased and millions of dollars worth of products sold. Turner Strategies is also passionate about giving its clients the tools and training to get the job done in-house. This includes on- and off-site instruction, infrastructure development and a host of other ways to increase your organization's ability, contacts and know-how.


Op-Ad Media's mission is to provide exceptional advertising and identity services in support of progressive public policy. It specialize in high-impact advocacy and awareness campaigns. Op-Ad crafts advertising across all media ‚ print, broadcast, outdoor and online. It also work with organizations, helping them to develop themes, messaging, language and imagery for their work. Whatever the medium, Op-ad calibrates your communications to pack a punch without crossing over the line. Op-Ad's approach is simple: less is more. Its ads speak plainly and name names. Op-ad tries to stimulate emotions and intellect simultaneously, while being careful with facts and figures. Its signature advertising style blends sound policy and plain common sense with provocative concepts and images. Op-Ad Media will help advance your agenda in Washington and in the real world.


Media Bureau Networks (MBN), founded in 1997, is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Communications Technology company that consists of the Media Bureau, MBNstudios, and Betalab.net. MBN was established with a firm foundation in Information Technology (IT) and Audio and Video (AV) communications and production. Its competencies are considered among the best in the market. Whether customizing new technologies, integrating an existing technology infrastructure or consulting on a single live or on-demand digital audio/video production, MBN brings to each project and client a unique, personalized, and experienced business relationship. MBN's experience, reliability, and versatility enable clients and their users to turn Data into Intelligence.